Accounting Profession Disruption

Please download the slides PDF document so you can use them to take notes as you work through this online training session.

How to Navigate the Changing Demands on Today's Accounting Profession

This class was done as a 60-minute live webinar panel discussion with thought leaders in and around the accounting profession:

1. Martin Bissett - Co-host of the event - Highly acclaimed business development trainer and consultant to high-level accounting firms around the world

2. Mike Michalowicz - best-selling author of multiple business books and multi-million-dollar business founder and serial entrepreneur. 

3. Christopher Ragain, CPA - Founder of Ragain Financial, and accounting and tax firm, as well as various online software applications

4. Gabrielle Fontaine - Co-host of the event - Freelance bookkeeper, trainer and consultant various online educational programs for virtual bookkeepers

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Resources Section

    • Recommended Resources

  • 2

    Video Sections

    • Introduction

    • Question 1 - Disruption - Really?

    • Question 2 - The Threats

    • Question 3 - The Opportunities

    • Question 4 - Predictions

    • Question 5 - Advice

    • Next Steps

    • Live Q & A