Marketing Momentum

Powerful micro-learning video foundation course to implement the simplest and most effective marketing strategies in your accounting firm. | taught by Martin Bissett
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Martin Bissett
Martin Bissett

About the Instructor

My core belief is that those in the accounting profession can support business owners more than any other professionals. As a client of an accounting firm myself, I know what it is to be supported during the peaks and troughs of building a business. Therefore my courses here draw on my 20+ years of working with accounting professionals to dramatically grow your practice while supporting your business owner clients, just like me.

Each episode of this fast-paced, micro-learning video course gives you a specific system you can implement immediately to build the consistent marketing momentum you need to get new client prospects coming to you in a consistent, predictable way.

It's comprised of 13 concise and actionable mini-lessons that build one upon the other so that you walk away with a powerful yet flexible customized marketing program for your accounting firm that you can implement immediately.

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn in this high-impact video series...

  • How to use your skills as a technical professional to build a sustainable, productive marketing system that brings in a steady stream of new client prospects

  • Learn exactly what the purpose of your marketing is (and what it isn't) and the very specific result your marketing should accomplish for you to truly be successful

  • How to use proven formulas to to make your marketing so strong that your potential clients will sell themselves on your accounting services

  • The three P's you already have to to create a strong marketing message that will easily attract your ideal clients

  • The 7-step proactive marketing strategy that removes confusion over what you should be doing to market your services effectively and instead gives you a simple road map for maximum return on your efforts

  • How to assure that no matter busy you are as an accounting professional, you will have the time to do proactive marketing to win new clients

For most accounting firms, marketing is an infrequent event. But in a relationship-based profession, such as accountancy, to get consistent results, marketing needs to be focused on high-probability efforts coupled with high-consistency actions.

Marketing Momentum makes it easy for you to tap into the proven marketing tips, techniques, tactics, and templates that are working for the most successful accounting firms around the world. Now you can finally get on the road to a consistent stream of new clients in the least amount of time.

Course Contents

13 Videos