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Powerful micro-learning video course to accelerate your success in winning top-quality clients | taught by Martin Bissett
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Martin Bissett
Martin Bissett

About the Instructor

My core belief is that those in the accounting profession can support business owners more than any other professionals. As a client of an accounting firm myself, I know what it is to be supported during the peaks and troughs of building a business. Therefore my courses here draw on my 20+ years of working with accounting professionals to dramatically grow your practice while supporting your business owner clients, just like me.

This high-impact, micro-learning video course will get you the consistent momentum you need to make incremental changes that result in getting more new clients quickly for your accounting firm.  

This exciting new program is comprised of 50 short but meaty episodes that each provide a major tip, technique, template or model for accelerating your accounting firm to attract and win top-quality clients right now.

Using this time-saving learning method you'll acquire a complete business development infrastructure you can build one step at a time, no matter how busy you are. 

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