The Trusted Bookkeeper

How to make the Transition to High-Value Advisory Services | taught by Gabrielle Fontaine
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Gabrielle Fontaine
Gabrielle Fontaine
Bookkeeper, Trainer, Consultant

About the Instructor

Gabrielle Fontaine, PB, ASBC is a freelance Professional Bookkeeper and Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor at BookkeepingDirect, which is a 100% virtual bookkeeping service firm since 2003. She is an Accredited Small Business Consultant, as well as the author of the popular blog, The Freelance Bookkeeper. She provides online and offline training in technical as well as business topics both online and offline. 

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Accounting professionals have been hearing that we ‘need' to become so-called ‘trusted advisers' to our clients for some time now. But is this all just hype, or is it advice we need to be listening to?

In this program we'll explore these questions, expose the truth about what changes are now upon us as bookkeepers, and the simple yet highly practical steps you can take now to future-proof your bookkeeping practice in order to not only survive, but to thrive in the process.

Here's just a taste of what we'll cover:

  • Why a gradual transition to advisory services is not only practical, it's the best possible way to get tangible, win-win results...

  • What is happening right now in bookkeeping technology that's driving DOWN the value of what we do for our clients (and specifically which of our services are being eliminated by automation)...

  • The one major advantage we have in this rapidly changing environment that we can leverage, and the key ingredient to make the challenges work in your favor instead of against you...

  • The five high-value services business clients are begging for that the vast majority accounting professionals are ignoring, and how you can capitalize on them by employing technology (rather than waging war with it)...

  • The true 'secret sauce' to positioning yourself as an indispensable partner to your clients, so you never have to worry about competing on price ever again...

  • A nuts-and-bolts walkthrough of the three specific services you can offer clients that provide immediate results and demonstrate superior service and value, so you will easily win higher fees and long-term loyalty...

  • How to navigate client resistance to advisory services, fear of change, and best practices, with specific tools you can use to put it all together

On the road ahead of us, there are several directions you can take with your bookkeeping business amid the disruptive changes taking place in accounting (like it or not).

Advisory is the most profitable path if you're focused on attracting more high-level clients. But even if you are more of a 'traditionalist' bookkeeper, you'll find this well-rounded program covers viable alternative business models that will smooth your path to stable progress now and in the future.

Let the journey begin!

Course Contents

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