Winning Your Ideal Clients

with Mark Wickersham

In a series originally recorded with Mark Wickersham, and shared here with his permission, Winning Your Ideal Clients picks up where the New Clients Now series leaves off and takes a deeper dive into the very specifics of proactively winning 'Grade A' clients for your firm. 

In each episode, Martin picks a topic in sequential order to mimic the 'process of sale' in reality. This series will show you what you must do at every stage to stand the best chance of winning the best client, with the highest fees, in the shortest time possible. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Winning Your Ideal Clients

    • Welcome

    • 2. An Overview of the Selling Process

    • 3. First Impressions

    • 4. The Control Formula

    • 5. Breaking the Ice

    • 6. Key Questions

    • 7. Early Buying Signals

    • 8. Martin's Insights into Building the Value

    • 9. Martin's Insights into Pricing

    • 10. The Four Flavours of Objection

    • 11. Before You Answer an Objection

    • 12. The Big Faux Pas

    • 13. What Next?